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As summer approaches, ensuring your air conditioner is in good working condition becomes a top priority. However, when your AC unit breaks down, you may ask yourself, “Should I repair or replace it?” This might be a challenging decision to make, and it requires some consideration. If you require any assistance deciding, don’t hesitate to contact us at Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning. As one of the best HVAC contractors in Eden Prairie and surrounding areas, we have the expertise to help you make an informed choice.

Here are ten questions you should ask yourself before making the final decision on repairing or replacing your AC:

1. How old is my air conditioner?

The age of your air conditioner is a significant factor in determining whether you should repair or replace it. Typically, air conditioners have a lifespan of 10-15 years, and if your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, Replacing an item could actually be less expensive than repairing it. Contact us for reliable AC replacement services in Edina and surrounding areas.

2. What is the cost of the repair?

It may be worth repairing if the repair cost is less than half that of a new air conditioning unit. However, if the repair cost is higher than that, it might be more economical to replace the unit.

3. What is the energy efficiency of my current System?

If your air conditioner is over ten years old, it might not be as energy efficient as newer models. Replacing an older system with a new unit can help you save on energy bills in the long run.

4. Is my air conditioner under warranty?

To determine whether to fix or replace your air conditioning system, you must decide. It’s essential to check the terms and conditions of your warranty, especially if it’s still under warranty. If you need prompt air conditioner repair services in Eden Prairie and surrounding areas, our team at Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help.

5. Are replacement parts available?

If your air conditioner requires replacement parts that are no longer available, it may be more practical to replace the unit rather than repair it.

6. How often do I need to repair my air conditioner?

Replacing your air conditioner may be more cost-effective if it requires frequent repairs. Also, replacing your unit with a newer model can save you money on repairs in the long run.

7. What is the SEER rating of my current air conditioner?

Your air conditioner’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating measures its energy efficiency. If your current unit has a low SEER rating, upgrading to a higher-rated model can help you save money on energy bills.

8. How often do I use my air conditioner?

Using your air conditioner frequently may be worth investing in a newer, more energy-efficient model. This can help you save money on energy bills over time.

9. What is the current state of my ductwork?

If your ductwork is in poor condition, it may affect the performance of your air conditioning unit. Therefore, ensure your ductwork is inspected before deciding to repair or replace your unit.

10. What is the overall condition of my air conditioner?

If your air conditioner is in good overall condition, it may be more cost-effective to repair than to replace. However, replacing your unit may be more practical if it is in poor condition.

Making the decision to repair or replace your air conditioner requires careful consideration. You can make an informed conclusion that fits your needs and budget by answering the ten questions we’ve provided. However, if you’re still unsure, it’s always wise to seek professional advice from our team at Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning, a trusted HVAC company.

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