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For the humid and harsh summers, AC units are a must in every Minnesota household. These systems might not be as delicate as gas furnaces but can still break down unexpectedly. With the innumerable DIY videos available on the internet, it is no surprise that many people avoid calling a professional for AC repair in Eden Prairie. However, this can harm your system in the long run. 

5 reasons to call a professional repair service

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should call a professional to repair your AC rather than experimenting on your own – 

1. Warranty

All air conditioners come with a warranty, and if you’ve purchased your unit from a reputed manufacturer, you might be able to avail warranty even after four or five years of the purchase. However, trying a DIY repair on your unit will break the warranty terms and no longer be eligible for any additional services or discounts on repairs.

2. Knowledge

Despite how simple the working of an air conditioner is, the unit is quite complex. Several tiny parts define the working of the AC as a whole. Without experience and proper knowledge, you can easily cause additional problems while trying a DIY repair. It can cost you extra to repair your unit, or it may end up in a state where you cannot repair it anymore.

3. Safety

If the reason you’re having AC troubles is the electrical wiring, you should never attempt touching the system. Not only can this cause long-term issues for your system, but it can also result in a fire hazard if not done properly. Hiring a professional who has experience will ensure you and your property remain safe, and you don’t suffer unnecessary costs.

4. Professional guarantee

Most HVAC technicians who provide air conditioner servicing near me in the Twin Cities also guarantee the services they complete. This factor differentiates genuine service providers from fake ones. Whether it is installation or repairs, a professional will be able to give you a guarantee that you can avail yourself. If you notice the same problem again in a short span, you can call them to get a discounted or free service*.

*Please note – Discounts vary from contractor to contractor. It solely depends on the company.

5. Saves time

Even if you are a fast learner, repairing an AC on your own can take 3-4 hours. Longer if you haven’t done this before or have no training. While this might seem like a fun project, in the beginning, it can get tiresome. However, if you hire a professional, they will be able to complete the repairs in a shorter period while you’re free to pursue other activities.

At Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning we have several years of local experience in providing HVAC services, including installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance of all types of climate control systems. We provide various booking options and promotions as well.

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