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Already upgraded to a high-efficient AC unit?

There is still room to improve the overall efficiency of your AC unit. However, you can receive good AC efficiency that won’t create high energy bills, sudden repair costs, or breakdowns requiring AC replacement in Edina.

To maintain this balance and make your air conditioner efficient, follow these 7 simple tips:

  • Remove the debris around your outdoor units

Your system’s outdoor units require free and clear air circulation to perform at peak efficiency. Therefore, if your system is obstructed by debris or vegetation, it must work much harder than if the area is kept clear.

Remove any winter leaf piles and trim tall grass, shrubs, or weeds that have grown around the unit. Keeping the area clear will help your system run more efficiently.

  • Install a insulate ductwork

Having your ducts exposed in the garage or basement, the cool air in the ducts will warm up before it reaches you. Configuring insulation around these exposed ducts will make your system more efficient. It can help you save a lot of money on your summer heating bills.

  • Clean indoor vents

Your HVAC system’s vents are responsible for delivering cool air throughout your home. If your vents are obstructed by furniture or other items placed inside your home, the air you rely on to keep you cool will be restricted, forcing you to operate your air conditioner more than necessary.

To guarantee that air can move freely through your air conditioning system, vacuum out your vents or, better yet, have your ducts professionally cleaned. Also, changing air filters regularly, or at least once a month, can help to improve the indoor air quality and efficiency of your air conditioner.

  • Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats regulate and control the temperature by following your scheduled or set temperature, even in your absence in the house. You can even set the temperature remotely from your smartphone by linking your smart thermostat to your WiFi system.

  • Insulating attic and walls

Insulating your attic and walls fulfills two purposes: to provide you warmth during winter and cooling in the summer. It will also assist in keeping your home cooler in the summer by allowing cool air to enter consistently.

If your attic and walls are insufficiently insulated, the energy consumed to cool your home will be swiftly radiated outside, resulting in cold air leakage.

  • Installing a ceiling

To circulate cold air coming through your air conditioner, installing ceiling fans is an effective yet inexpensive way to improve the efficiency of an air conditioner.

  • Regular maintenance

Regular AC maintenance in Edina by a certified HVAC contractor is the best preventive measure against any unforeseen situation with your AC unit. In addition, it assists the AC in performing well without any major malfunctioning.

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