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It is essential to know different types of furnaces so that you can choose the most appropriate furnace for themselves.

Installing an improper furnace can create unforeseen issues and costly problems. There are different types of furnaces like natural gas, oil, electric, and propane and a search for furnace installation near me, will give you an idea of what services are available.

An electric furnace can heat the air by exposing heated elements, while the other types require a heat exchanger or chamber that warms the surrounding air. Finally, the thermostat signals the furnace to shut off after reaching the desired temperature.

A bifurcation of each type of furnace that homeowners must know.

  • Natural gas furnaces 

    Natural gas furnaces are highly economical. Moreover, the newer gas furnace can be up to 98% efficient. It is the most common type of furnace in homes and uses a gas pipeline. Gas jets along a burner ignite to create the hot combustion gas that raises the temperature of the air, which circulates through the ducts. 
    It is essential to clean the ducts regularly to avoid furnace issues and avoid unwanted furnace repairs in Edina

  • Oil furnace

    The oil furnace requires an on-site storage tank. Oil-fired furnaces can develop residues of soot and carbon on the heat exchanger surfaces. It requires periodic removal of these deposits to maintain the furnace’s efficiency. 
    Otherwise, these deposits may lead to repairs and maintenance costs. In addition, the nozzle on the burner unit needs to be replaced with oil filters to remove the impurities from the fuel before the oil is vaporized and ignited. 

  • Electric furnace 

    An electric furnace requires a higher cost of running than other available options, but they have huge benefits. It is helpful for areas where oil and gas furnaces are not available. Moreover, electric furnaces can be a source of renewable energy when connected to solar panels. 
    It not only helps to save energy, but they are also helpful in saving energy bills. The electric furnaces are safer than the other furnaces as there is no risk of dangerous leaks and no actual fire present in the furnace. 

  • Dual fuel furnaces

    Dual fuel furnaces use a heat pump for warm weather and a gas furnace for cold weather. The heat pumps remove heat from the outdoors and deposit the heat in the home. Inside the heat pump, an air handler warms the air as it passes over the coil of the hot refrigerant. 
    A fan then blows warm air into the home. The dual heating system switches to gas heating during cold and a back heating pump when it is warm. Therefore, it is regarded one of the multiple efficient systems. 


Maintaining the furnace is essential for maintaining the efficiency of the heating system. Thus, its proper installation is of prime importance. Centraire is one of the most trusted companies that will provide the best furnace installation and other essential furnace services. Contact us at (952) 900-7325 or email us. We are here to help.