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The air conditioning units in our commercial establishments need to stay in the best possible shape to ensure the comfort of all employees and visitors. However, in unexpected breakdowns, the suggested steps in this situation are to call for air conditioning repair in Eden Prairie.

Types of services

Different HVAC contractors have different types of services listed under AC repair services near me Twin Cities. Some common ones are – 

  • Emergency AC servicing/maintenance
  • Inspection of ductwork/ductless systems
  • Replacement of filters
  • Repairs & maintenance services
  • Installation services

Tips for choosing the right commercial AC service

There is a pool of uncountable HVAC services existing in the market. Every one of them offers attractive discounts and seamless services. It is highly difficult but important to recognize the bona fide ones from others. 

The most common question we’ve received as HVAC experts are – ‘How do you know whether an HVAC service provider is reliable?’ Depending upon which service you require, you can ask for a quote from a contractor. However, we recommend inquiring with more than 2 contractors before selecting the most suitable one.

Here are some pointers that will help you select the right expert – 

  • License

The Federal Government requires all HVAC contractors to be registered with the state before legally providing any type of HVAC service. Therefore, before selecting a contractor, make sure they have an active license.

  • Experience

Instead of asking the contractor how many years they have been working with HVACs, ask them how much experience they have with the unit installed in your commercial building. You should also inquire what type of problems they have fixed and whether they’ve had to go back to fix the same issue with a commercial AC.

  • Pricing

While it isn’t required for a contractor to disclose their pricing policy, a contractor who can give you upfront pricing is an honest one. For one, it shows the contractor has the experience and can give an appropriate estimate, and secondly, you can plan your budget accordingly.

  • Specialized services

Several modern buildings explore unique ductwork or have no provision for ductwork. If your building is one of these, select a contractor with experience in providing specialized commercial building services. They’re more capable of handling unique designs and will provide you with more appropriate estimates.

  • Emergency services

Choosing a contractor that has a 24×7 service option is a must if your business works round the clock. This way, if your air conditioner breaks down during odd hours, you don’t have to wait for the next day to call the contractor and get it repaired.

While these are just pointers, we recommend doing thorough research on all the above-given points and asking questions before signing any type of contract.

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