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It is necessary to schedule professional maintenance and assistance annually to ensure your heating system doesn’t break down amidst the winter dreads. But you don’t need to solely rely on professional help to keep your furnace in top shape.

Most of the common furnace problems can be avoided by performing proper maintenance and care. It not only helps your heating unit operate efficiently but also reduces the hassle of frequent repairs. Read the following furnace maintenance tips for your heater’s upkeep.

Clean and Change Your Filters

Dirty air filters carry dust and allergens that are harmful to both your heating system and your family. Cleaning your filters is a good practice to keep up with your furnace’s efficiency and your loved ones’ safety.

A good rule of thumb goes by changing your filters once every month. It improves the air quality inside your home, subsequently helping the members suffering from allergies or asthma.

Look After Your Thermostat

Next is the thermostat evaluation. For this, set your thermostat a few degrees higher than the room temperature. If your unit fails to start, there are chances of a flaw that requires immediate attention.

However, if the furnace does turn on, let it work for some time, ensuring it doesn’t switch off and continue to blow the heat. If it shuts down within a few seconds, it is best to reach out to a heating repair near me to look into the problem.

Keep a Check on the Pilot Light

If your house has an older furnace model with a pilot light, check if the flame burns bright blue. Any color change indicates inefficient fuel burning, obstructing the optimal functioning of your heating system.

Therefore, ensure that the pilot light works well to avoid high electricity bills due to a less energy-efficient unit.

Clean the Air Ducts

Although you don’t need to clean your furnace ducts frequently, it should be a part of your regular heating system maintenance. It is to avoid dust and allergens from settling in on your ductwork.

Clean the ducts if you notice your house getting dustier every time your heater is in use. For this, brush the vents to loosen any debris and vacuum it out. Hereafter, take care to clean the house so that you don’t leave any dust behind to blow up the next time your heater turns on.

Check Your Heat Pump

Maintaining the heat pump is vital to avoid extensive damage to your system. Hence, examine your heat pump for any ice accumulation around it or parts like frozen blades.

Besides, clean the outdoor coils of your heater regularly, ensuring no dirt and grime find a way to the heat pump, affecting its efficiency.

If you struggle with any of the mentioned maintenance tips, consider getting your heating system serviced by reaching out to Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning for quality heating maintenance services in Edina, and Surrounding Areas. Our skilled professionals are always at your service for all kinds of heating, filtration, and plumbing needs. For any further queries, contact us at (952) 900-7212.