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It is important to perform preventive maintenance on your home’s air conditioning system to keep it running properly and efficiently. For example, it would be terrible if your air conditioner broke down on a hot day. During the warm months, you will use your air conditioner a lot, so keeping it in good shape is important.

Many issues might arise from a lack of care for and cleaning the air conditioner. You can save yourself the cost of a repair call by handling a few minor issues by calling an AC replacement in Edina.

  • Replacing the filters

Changing the furnace filter makes the system use less energy and easier on its parts. A dirty filter causes the fan to work harder, and in the worst cases, the reduced airflow across the evaporator coil freezes the condensation, forming an ice block that cuts the airflow even more.

  • Cleaning the coils

The HVAC evaporator, or indoor coil, is another indoor air conditioning tool that helps heat move from one place to another. Not all central air conditioning systems come with these; many homes won’t have them. If you do, you should also clean the coils to ensure they work as well as they can.

  • Lubricating parts

Your air conditioner depends on its moving parts to work correctly. If these moving parts aren’t well-oiled, it can cause a lot of wear and tear and cost a lot to fix. As part of the air conditioning installation in Edina, you should turn it off and grease its moving parts. It will help your system last longer and make sure it works properly.

  • Inspecting refrigerant

When refrigerant levels drop, it means there’s a leak somewhere that needs fixing quickly. Compressor burnout due to insufficient refrigerant is the most expensive repair you could face. It is probably the most important reason to have a professional look at your air conditioner every so often.

  • Check the drain line

It is essential for the health of your AC system that you keep the drain line and drain pan clean. A dirty drain line or pan may not affect the efficiency of your air conditioner, but it can make a mess in or around your system if it isn’t cleaned regularly.

2. The importance of maintenance of AC systems.

Preventative care aims to keep your HVAC system up and to run all season without any unexpected breakdowns. It lets you start the heating and cooling seasons with a system that works reliably and efficiently and is at its best. Air conditioner services in Edina also cut costs for energy and repairs.

You should plan preventive maintenance twice a year, once for your cooling equipment in the spring and once for your heating equipment in the fall. You can also use this time to ask about your system and bring up any other problems that need to be fixed.


Centraire can help you save money on utilities and avoid costly repairs by keeping your system in good shape. To learn more about how we can help you save thousands of dollars throughout your system’s lifetime, contact us at (952) 900-7212.