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When it comes to furnaces, it is important to reduce any potential damage by placing extra loads on it to ensure it does not lose its efficiency down the road. Contacting a professional technician for heating maintenance services in Edina is a necessary step to taking care of your appliances. There are also some steps you can follow to prepare your furnace this winter.

Steps to follow to prepare your furnace.

  • Replace the Air Filters

    Air filters maintain indoor air quality and ensure no restrictions on the airflow inside the system. Poor airflow leads to ice formation and other issues, so you must replace your air filters before turning on your furnace for the season.

  • Inspect the Ducts

    The ducts carry the warm air from your furnace to other parts of your home. If they have any foreign object or bacterial growth in them, the warm air will not reach your rooms efficiently, leading to hot and cold pockets. Inspect the air ducts for blockages and leakages.

  • Clean the Air Vents

    Dirty air vents allow dirt and dust settled on the grills to float in your indoor air with the warm air from the furnace. This dust can cause seasonal allergies and skin irritation if they stay for long. Before using your furnace, you should clean the air vents and your whole system.

  • Remove Any Clutter

    While cleaning your furnace, ensure there are no boxes or vegetation near the outside unit that may restrict the airflow. Also, ensure no objects are too close to the furnace, as they may cause fire hazards if left unattended. Ensure there is enough vacant space around the furnace for efficient working.

  • Do a Test Run

    Once you have followed all the steps, it is time you check your furnace. Switch on your furnace and pay attention to points like unwanted noises and foul smells while the system works. If you notice something is wrong with your furnace, contact a technician for furnace repair services in the Edina area.

Benefits of contacting a professional technician.

It is important to understand that professional maintenance schedules have numerous benefits:

  • Maintenance schedules ensure your furnace works efficiently for as long as its lifespan allows
  • Regular maintenance schedules are important to avail of the warranty benefits of your furnace.
  • With maintenance schedules, you can ensure that your energy bills will stay under control this winter season.
  • Maintenance schedules reduce the number of repair jobs your furnace may need while working.


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