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An air conditioner has several components and parts that need proper professional care. Maintaining an air conditioner requires attention to detail, and installing a new air conditioner requires more detail-oriented professionalism. It would help if you found an experienced technician for air conditioner installation services in Eden Prairie for professional work.

Sometimes, even skilled technicians and installers make mistakes that owners should know beforehand. If you notice that your installer is making these mistakes accidentally, you should point them out and tell your technician about them. 

You Can Also Conserve Money by Dodging These Mistakes in the Long Run:

1. Wrong Size

Air conditioner models come in various sizes. Different air conditioner models are suitable for different home sizes. You cannot expect a small air conditioner to cool a large home and vice versa. When buying your new air conditioner, ensure that you get the suitable size model.

2. Drain Problems

Water is one of the by-products when an air conditioner works. It travels out of the system through the drain pipes and collects in the drain pan. If the drain pipe layout or the drain pan has problems, your new air conditioner will face water leakage problems. 

3. Thermostat Placement

A thermostat detects what the suitable temperature for your home is. However, if the thermostat is near a heat-generating appliance like a lamp or near the window through which sunlight enters, it will not detect the right temperature, and your home will not be comfortable. 

4. Ductwork Issues

The ducts carry the condensed air from the air conditioner to all parts of your home. If the ducts have holes, leaks, or blockages, you will face hot and cold pockets throughout the house. 

5. Condenser Placement

The condenser is the outdoor team of your air conditioner. Since it stays outside, it is more prone to damage due to foreign elements like dirt, dust, animals, insects, sunlight, and leaves.

6. Vent Placement

If the vents are not in the correct position, you can face cooling issues in your home. In addition, your home will not have a constant temperature if the ducts have blockages or obstructions to the airflow path. 

7. Refrigerant Levels

The liquid present in the evaporator coils is called the refrigerant. It is the main component involved in the cooling of your home. Since it recreates a crucial part of the cooling process, several air conditioner owners ask their technicians to fill it to the maximum limit. 

8. Free Space Near the Condenser

As you know, the condenser stays outside. Therefore, you should ensure that no boxes, vegetation, or other similar factors may obstruct its working. Free space near the condenser is significant for the system to work efficiently.


An air conditioner installation job is not easy for an owner to handle single-handedly. Moreover, an air conditioner needs regular repair jobs for smooth working. 

Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning can help you with all air conditioner-related services at affordable prices. Contact us to know more about our air conditioner repair services in Edina. We provide the best-skilled technicians for all your HVAC needs.