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As the summer heat approaches, having a functioning air conditioning unit is crucial for maintaining a comfortable living environment. However, like any machinery, your AC unit will eventually need to be replaced. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five common signs that it’s time for an Eden Prairie AC replacement and why you should trust Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning for your AC installation in Eden Prairie.

1. Advanced Age:

Like any mechanical equipment, air conditioners have a limited lifespan. On average, AC units last around 10-15 years. As your AC unit approaches this age range, it becomes more prone to frequent breakdowns and reduced efficiency. If your AC unit is over a decade old and requires frequent repairs, replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient model may be more cost-effective. Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning offers AC installation in Eden Prairie, ensuring a seamless transition to a new, reliable cooling system.

2. Rising Energy Bills

If you’ve seen a steady increase in your energy bills despite normal usage patterns, it may be a sign that your AC unit is no longer operating efficiently. As AC units age, they lose energy efficiency, resulting in higher electricity consumption. Upgrading to a new energy-efficient model can significantly reduce energy bills and save long-term costs. Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning offers a wide range of energy-efficient AC units that can help you save on utility costs.

3. Frequent Repairs

Has your AC unit become a regular guest in your home for repair services? Frequent breakdowns and repairs indicate that your AC unit is nearing the end of its lifespan. Continuously investing in repairs can quickly add up and become more expensive than replacing the unit altogether. If you find yourself frequently calling HVAC companies in Eden Prairie, MN, it’s time to consider a new AC installation. Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning can assess your current system and recommend the most suitable replacement options for your specific needs.

4. Inadequate Cooling

One of the primary functions of an AC unit is to cool your home effectively. If you’ve noticed uneven cooling, hot spots, or a general inability to maintain a comfortable temperature, it could be a sign that your air conditioner unit is struggling. As AC units age, they lose their ability to distribute cool air evenly throughout your space, resulting in discomfort. Upgrading to a new AC unit will ensure consistent and efficient cooling, enhancing overall comfort. Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in Eden Prairie AC replacement and can help you choose the right system to achieve optimal cooling performance.

5. Strange Noises And Odors

Unusual noises or unpleasant odors emanating from your AC unit are warning signs that something is amiss. These issues may indicate mechanical problems, worn-out components, or mold growth within the system. Ignoring these signs can further damage and compromise indoor air quality. You require professionals to inspect it if you’re experiencing strange noises or unpleasant smells coming from your AC unit. Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive AC services, including diagnostics, repairs, and replacement options.


If you’ve noticed any of these five common signs, it’s time to consider an Eden Prairie AC replacement. At Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient cooling system in your home. With over 50 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing top-quality AC installation in Eden Prairie and ensuring your home stays comfortable all summer.

Don’t wait until your AC unit fails – trust the experts at Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning to assess your current system and recommend the best course of action. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our services. Let us be your go-to choice among HVAC companies in Eden Prairie, MN, for all your air conditioning needs.