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There are few things worse for a homeowner than a malfunctioning furnace. But the sad fact is; eventually, we all deal with care issues about our home’s heating system. While you certainly want to get your Furnace repaired as soon as it’s stopped functioning, there are some things you can examine to diagnose issues before, possibly saving you on a more expensive furnace repair or furnace replacement near you.
So what are the ten most common furnace problems you can encounter? Let the experts at Constellation Home explain.

1. The Thermostat Isn't Functioning.

One of the most familiar furnace problems is a malfunctioning thermostat. If your fan is constantly running, a sure sign your thermostat isn’t working correctly. This will force your thermostat battery to operate and cause your Furnace to function ineffectively. Inspect this by setting the fan on auto and noticing if it is continuously running at all heating settings.

2. Dirty & Blocked Filters

A dirty or blocked filter can reduce the intake your Furnace needs to function, reducing its efficiency. It could also potentially lead to damage to your boundary switch. Confirm your filters are changed out once a quarter to ensure height performance.

3. Flickering, frail, or Oddly Colored Pilot Light

Your pilot light is important to your Furnace functioning correctly. If you see that it’s flickering or yellow, it could indicate excessive carbon monoxide in your gas furnace. Any difference to your pilot light should need a contact from your regional furnace repair in Edina.

4. Broken Heat Exchanger

This is, unfortunately, an expensive problem. Your heat exchanger separates the heat from the Air, keeping your Furnace working safely. Unfortunately, your heat exchanger could crack if you overheat your house or don’t keep up with your air filter replacement. Reach a furnace technician to analyze the issue if your heat goes out. This usually needs the replacement of the heat exchanger.

5. Frayed or dysfunctional Blower Belt

Your blower belt is a motor component that helps the fan in your furnace spin. Unfortunately, these will sometimes begin to fray or break. This is usually noticed by a high-pitched squealing sound from your Furnace while operating. Your fan will work more effectively and efficiently if you replace this belt.

6. Regular & Over-Cycling

Do you see that your Furnace seems to kick on frequently, often when it has just completed a cycle? Then you may have a blocked filter, wrong airflow, or are operating your Furnace too high or too down. Maintaining a frequently cycling furnace will result in a higher power bill.

7. Limit Switch Malfunction

If your limit switch isn’t functioning correctly, you’ll notice that your Furnace may be continually blowing, even when it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, replacing this requires a professional technician.

8. The Furnace Isn't Frittering Air.

This problem might be forced by a few problems. The main issue is ensuring your blower is free of dirt to prevent it from being blocked. Next, check to see if your blower has a flashing light. You’ll probably need to call a technician to help fix the problem if it’s blinking red.

9. Frayed Out Ball Bearings

The ball bearings in your system make the motor function properly. Sadly, they sometimes need to be replaced because of wear and tear. If your Furnace makes a scraping noise, shut it off immediately and call a maintenance specialist.

10. Banging or Pinging Noises form your Furnace

Is your Furnace making popping, pinging, or rattling noises? Many problems might be the root of these. Rattling sounds are typically caused by loose stove panels that need to be tightened. The ductwork is probably the source of any popping or pinging sounds. It will expand and contract depending on whether you are cooling or heating your home.

Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up today

Are you experiencing any of these issues? Then it might be time to plan a furnace repair technician to take a look. Make sure your home is protected from costly furnace repairs with a furnace tune-up today!