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Even when you keep your electronic devices well-maintained throughout the year, they remain exposed to breakdowns and wear and tear. It is no different when speaking of an air conditioning appliance. 

Almost every homeowner encounters problems with our air conditioning devices. Modern air conditioning appliances have several large and small parts that might bother you and turn into extreme damage if you do not call experts on time for AC repair in Eden Prairie

From shooting hot air to an aging air conditioning system, there can be multiple ways your air conditioner may show signs of malfunction. Below are some of the most prominent air conditioning issues you might encounter.

  • Faulty thermostat

A faulty thermostat is one of the most prevailing issues people encounter with their cooling appliances. One assured sign that your air conditioner thermostat is not accurately functioning is when your fan constantly runs despite switching the device off. 

This extended process will unnecessarily run out of the thermostat batteries while lowering the device’s performance. Hence to prevent this issue, it is prudent to inspect the setting of the air conditioner fan in the thermostat and switch it to auto mode if it stays on the on mode.

  • Dirty air filters

The air filters of your air conditioning appliance are responsible for keeping dirt and debris from the air to circulate fresh air. Thus, debris and dirt accumulate in the AC air filters over time. Unfortunately, many individuals ignore cleaning or replacing them, leading to dusty and blocked filters. 

It is one of the most prevailing air conditioner problems and puts additional strain on the device. In addition, these clogged air filters also restrict the cooling system from pushing out cold air resulting in inefficient cooling. Therefore, it is essential to routinely replace or clean your AC air filters to avoid such problems.

  • Short-cycling

Air conditioner short-cycling can occur for several reasons, like blocked air filters, too-high or too-low heater settings, or inefficient airflow. This over-cycling usually increases your electricity bills, so it is best to fix this issue as soon as you notice it.

  • Broken limit switch

The limit switch will communicate with your cooling system thermostat to turn on or off based on its specific settings. Thus, if this control gets damaged or impaired, the connection gets hindered, and commands do not touch the air conditioner fan. As a result, your AC fan will continuously function or not turn on. 

  • Issues with your heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is an important component of your cooling system that separates the air from heat, ensuring the engine runs safely. However, the heat exchanger may break if you overrun your machine or your air conditioner filters remain obstructed. As this is a tricky problem, it is better to call professionals for an air conditioner service in such cases to fix it. 

If you are looking for reputed HVAC professionals for repair, tune-up, or air conditioner installation in Edina, let Centraire Heating and Air Conditioning fix your problems at the most affordable rates. To learn more, contact us at (952)-900-7402