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If your furnace system blows cold air instead of warm air, calling emergency furnace repair in Edina might be expensive unless you are enrolled in maintenance plans.

Before searching for a furnace installation expert near me, you can try quick fixes to potentially repair the furnace system and get it working in good condition.

Here are some reasons behind the furnace blowing cold air instead of warm air.

  • The furnace system may blow cold air due to no ignition.

The furnace system generates warm air due to fuel combustion. If there is no heat, then there will be no warm air. Furnace repair experts in Edina advise the following reasons can be responsible for issues in the ignition process:

  1. Faulty pilot light or electric ignition – In modern furnaces, electric ignition systems have replaced the pilot light to start the combustion process. Pilot light and electric ignition provide a necessary spark to begin the combustion; however, there is no combustion to generate heat if they fail.

  2. Faulty thermostat – When you switch on the furnace, the thermostat sends the signal to a circuit board to switch on the burner and furnace blower. However, if the thermostat improperly sends the signal, the blower motor will turn on, not the burner.

  3. Malfunctioning circuit board – An improperly maintained circuit board may cause issues and not send the signals to the respective components to function appropriately.

  4. Lack of fuel – Check if there is leakage in the gas pipe or if the gas valve is closed, interrupting the fuel supply. Moreover, if you hear a hissing sound or smell gas in your home, it is a clear sign of leakage, and you should look for a furnace installation expert near me to help you fix the issue.
  • The furnace is not blowing warm air because it is switched off.

There are safety triggers that can shut down the furnace system to protect the furnace components from severe damage. Here are some reasons why your furnace is not working:

  1. Faulty main limit switch – If the main limit switch is dirty or worn out, it can cause the system to shut down automatically, even if the furnace is operating appropriately. It is best to look for a furnace replacement expert near me and call the technician to replace the limit switch.

  2. Overheating – The furnace’s internal temperature may rise if it works excessively for long hours. High internal temperature can cause damage to wires and small components. The main limit switch turns off the ignition system.

  3. Cracked heat exchanger – A cracked heat exchanger can cause the main limit switch to overheat. The heat exchanger can be replaced; however, the replacement is expensive. It is better to look for a new heating system.
  • Inadequate heat due to restricted airflow.

Dust and debris can interfere with the furnace’s operation and restrict the airflow, requiring you to look for furnace replacement experts near me sooner than expected. Obstructions in the airflow can cause several problems, including increased strain on the furnace system. Here are some reasons for restricted airflow:

  1. Dirty air filter
  2. Restricted vents
  3. Blocked airways in the furnace system
  4. Clogged evaporator coil

Tips for troubleshooting your furnace system

Here are some tips that you should try to fix the furnace system before looking for a furnace installation expert near me to inspect the system:

  • Check the thermostat settings and ensure it is ON mode. Check the temperature and replace the batteries if you haven’t replaced them.
  • Please switch off the system and remove the thermostat from its place to look for issues with the electrical wires.
  • Ensure the vents are open and unrestricted.
  • Clean the furnace filters if you have recently replaced them, or replace them if you haven’t.
  • Check all the power switches are on and ensure the circuit breaker is not tripped down.
  • Call the furnace repair experts in Edina if the problem persists.

Bottom line

If you are looking for professional furnace replacement near me, Centraire Heating, Air Conditioning, technicians are here to help! We will help you find a perfect heating solution for your home to keep it comfortable in winter.

Call 952-900-7611 or email us, and explain your issue to our experts to find an affordable solution.