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Beating the heat without an AC is not possible. When your AC stops working and turns off, it is time to find the cause and solve the issue. Call professionals at air conditioning repair in Eden Prairie and troubleshoot your discomfort. 

Probable reasons why your AC is not turning on.

  • Problematic thermostat

    Wrong thermostat settings can cause your AC to turn off. Check the temperature settings, power supply, battery status, and physical damages inside the system before calling for professional help.

  • Clogged condenser

    If your condenser is dirty, it can not release the heat efficiently and start malfunctioning, causing the circuit to trip and your AC to turn off.

  • Circuit tripping

    If the circuit breaker of your AC unit has tripped due to a high voltage or power surge, your AC will turn off until you turn it on manually.

  • Faulty power supply

    If the power cord of your AC is damaged or frayed, it can cause a power outage and even damage the internal circuits of your AC.

  • Clogged air filters

    Air filters are essential for efficient air circulation, ensuring the proper working of all internal components. If this passage is blocked, your ac will not cool efficiently and even break down.

  • Low refrigerant levels

    Low refrigerant levels due to leakage can cause your AC to shut down. The only possible solution is to call a professional and get the refrigerant filled up again.

How to fix the issues?

  • Check the thermostat

    Thermostat settings are the most common mistakes people make accidentally. So, ensure your thermostat is set to cool and 5 degrees lower than the room temperature. Then, keep the fan set on, and see if it works.

  • Check the circuit breaker

    A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker can shut down your AC. First, check your fuse box and try to flip it back on. If it goes back off, your system is not ready to work. In such situations, call for an HVAC contractor in Edina immediately.

  • Check for leaks

    If your AC unit is leaking the refrigerant or water inside the unit, it can turn off your AC. In addition, lower refrigerant levels can cause your AC to stop working, and water can damage the internal circuits.

  • Clean the filters

    Air filters are prone to catch dirt, dust, and grime, which blocks the airflow and creates a suffocating atmosphere. In addition, it can be the cause of your AC turning off. Hence, change your filters and see if it turns on.

  • Clean the drain line

    The condenser line drains water out of your system. If this pipeline is clogged, your AC will turn off with a warning. Clean the drain pan and solve the problem easily.

  • Check the power supply and switch

    You may have accidentally flipped the wrong switch that turned off your AC and forgotten about it. Therefore, try to turn on the possible control switches.

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