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AC Replacement In Edina, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, MN and Surrounding Areas

AC Replacement Edina | Eden Prairie AC Replacement

When your AC has a breakdown, what do you do? You call for repairs. However, sometimes your AC cannot be repaired anymore, and the only option is to get Eden Prairie AC Replacement services. This is a highly challenging task, and you will require professional assistance. They can help you choose the suitable AC to comfort you and your family. Contact us today for the best Eden Prairie AC Replacement and Surrounding Areas.

If you reside in Edina, Eden Prairie, and Minnetonka, Centraire will help you out by providing the best Air Conditioning Replacement services. Our team of professionals is extremely understanding of your needs and will, therefore, suggest the best AC for your home. Whenever you think you need an air conditioner repair in Eden Prairie!

Our AC Services

Be it exceptional services or excellent customer care, Centraire has everything covered. Frequently considered among the most trustworthy companies located in Edina, Eden Prairie, and Minnetonka, we are ready to help you out at any time. Our expertise helps us select the best option to meet your needs.

The different AC services offered by the experts at Centraire are:


A properly functioning AC unit is crucial to maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, especially during the year’s hottest months. Fortunately, Centraire offers various AC services to help keep your air conditioning unit functioning optimally.

  • AC Repair:

Suppose you experience issues with your AC unit, such as poor performance, strange noises, or leaks. In that case, Centraire’s experts can diagnose the problem and provide a timely AC repair in Eden Prairie. Whether a minor fix or a major component replacement, their experienced technicians can resolve any AC issues and restore your system’s functionality.

  • AC Services:

Centraire’s comprehensive air conditioner servicing near you include routine maintenance, tune-ups, cleaning, and inspections. In addition, their team of experts can provide efficient and effective service to keep your air conditioning system running at peak performance all year round.

  • AC Installation:

When you need a new air conditioning unit installed, Centraire’s team can provide the necessary expertise to ensure your installation is done correctly. In addition, they can help you choose the right unit based on your specific needs and budget and ensure a seamless AC installation in Eden Prairie.

  • AC Maintenance:

Regular AC maintenance is essential to ensure that your unit is functioning correctly and to prevent breakdowns. Centraire’s experts can provide routine AC maintenance services in Edina to keep your AC unit running efficiently and reduce the risk of future breakdowns.

  • AC Tune-up:

An AC tune-up can help prevent future problems and ensure that your unit runs efficiently. Centraire’s experts can provide a comprehensive tune-up service, including cleaning, lubricating, and testing all components.

Whether you need AC repair, installation, maintenance, or tune-up services, Centraire’s team of experts can help ensure your air conditioning system is functioning at its best. Contact them today to learn more about how they can help keep your indoor environment comfortable and relaxed all summer.

Why choose us?

  • Trusted brand: We are a trusted brand among customers in different parts of Minnesota. Whenever people feel the need for any AC service, they immediately contact us.


  • Reasonable pricing: We understand that our customers have different budgets, and therefore, we offer various packages to suit their specified budget.


  • A wide array of services: Be it AC Replacement Edina or any other AC service, we are here to help you out. Through our broad array of services, you can select the ones that you need.


  • Customer-friendly staff: We have highly-trained and customer-friendly staff who maintain a warm and respectable attitude with the customers while performing their services.

Eden Prairie AC Replacement, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, MN and the Surrounding Areas.

Call Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning for the best Eden Prairie AC Replacement Services, as our specialists are always ready to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not advised to replace just the outside AC unit even if you find an outdoor unit that uses the same refrigerant as the indoor unit because it would create a mismatch and would not be compatible with each other.

A mismatch will lead to reduced energy efficiency, extra wear and tear on components, premature system delivery, and decreased indoor comfort.

The outside unit, consisting of a compressor, condenser coil, and a fan, typically needs 4-6 hours to change. It covers disposing of remaining refrigerant, disconnecting and removing the old compressor, installing a new one with proper fittings, and recharging with refrigerant.

It is expected to replace a cooling unit in 10-15 years if kept in good condition. With time, the mechanical parts become obsolete. If replacing a broken part is not possible, it is advised to purchase a new unit. Contact your nearest AC replacement Service in Eden Prairie to have your AC unit replaced.

An AC replacement takes an average of 4-8 hours. A smaller unit takes less time than a larger, bulkier one. It also depends on the size and shape of the home, as smaller spaces do not require a large unit. The number of units required to cool the home affects the installation time.

Annual tune-ups before the peak season must be scheduled to ensure the proper maintenance of the air conditioning unit. It increases the unit's life expectancy by increasing the performance of your unit.

There might still be refrigerant left inside the AC, so it is advised not to throw the unit out. Escaping the refrigerant might contribute to global warming. Always have the refrigerant recovered by a licensed technician from ac replacement services in Eden Prairie.