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Air Conditioner Servicing Eden Prairie, Edina, Minnetonka, MN and the Surrounding Areas.

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About Us!

Stemmed out of the purpose of providing a comfortable living and working environment, Centraire is a one-stop solution for all sorts of air conditioner servicing near me Twin Cities. Making your air conditioner easier than ever provides a range of services within the spheres of maintenance, repairs, and installation. Our experienced engineers prioritize the quality of work and use the best products and equipment in the market. 

At Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning, we value your time, understand your needs, and respect your budget, thus, catering to your preferences in the best manner possible. We provide complete air conditioner services from installation to annual maintenance for both residential and commercial spaces.

Our Services

AC Maintenance Services:

Like almost every other electrical equipment piece, an air conditioner needs regular maintenance to function efficiently for a long period. In fact, according to Aeroseal, maintenance can top-up the life of an AC unit for over 15 years. Moreover, yearly cleanings and inspections prevent your system from having any major issues, saving you time and money! So, if you are looking for air conditioner servicing near Twin Cities, Centraire offers the supreme provision of Annual Maintenance of Air conditioners. 

AC Repair Services:

If you suspect something wrong with your air conditioning system, you must not wait for too long to get it checked. We believe in the timely diagnosis of the issue and, thus, will reach your doorstep within an hour of your calling us. Upon a thorough inspection, if our experts conclude that repair is needed, we’ll make sure that it is done accurately at the earliest. Our team comprises skilled and qualified technicians and engineers who receive regular training to stay updated with the industry’s latest developments and products. Hence, you can rely on us to solve your cooling problems with your eyes shut. 

AC Installation Services:

Today, various brands, sizes, and types of AC units are in the market. This can send you on an endless path of confusion if you are planning to air conditioner installation in Edina. But with Centraire by your side, you can drop your worries and leave the hassle to us. Equipped with an in-depth knowledge of standards, manuals, and support systems for different AC units, our engineers will understand your place and preferences and help you pick the right one.

AC Replacement Services:

There are times when an air conditioner’s wear and tear is beyond repair. At such times, the unit demands to be replaced. Now, a replacement can be slightly tricky and must be carried out by professionals. At Centraire, we have been successfully replacing air conditioners for decades. We help you pick an efficient system that falls in your spectrum of requirements and budget. So, if you need expert guidance on Eden Prairie AC replacement, reach out to us for prompt service.

What Distinguishes Us From Others?

  • Optimum quality service
  • Affordable pricing
  • 20 + years of experience
  • Licensed and skilled team
  • Round-the-clock availability

Contact Us:

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Air Conditioning Services Edina, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, MN and the Surrounding Areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions ​

The servicing of the air conditioning unit also depends on its quality, usage, and type. Usually, any air conditioning unit needs servicing at least twice a year.

Yes, the air conditioner needs servicing every year twice or thrice. An AC that lacks maintenance will get damaged soon. Do look for air conditioner servicing near me to get it serviced on time. 

AC maintenance needs utmost care. Ensure to follow the given steps for the maintenance of your home air conditioner: 

  • Timely cleaning the air filter and the condenser coil  
  • Keeping the drain line blockage free 
  • Protecting your AC using the canvas cover during heavy rain 
  • Replacing the insulator soon after it gets spoiled 
  • Getting your AC serviced every year 

AC is usually strong enough to stand the freezing winter, but no one knows when the weather can get worse.

To protect your AC from snow and debris, it is advisable to cover the top of your AC unit. Never use the AC when it is covered.

The cost depends on your requirement and budget. A basic furnace or air conditioner will cost around 5000$ in Minnesota.

However, the average cost for a decent system is 7500$, and for the best quality product, you may need to spend around 10000$.

Verifying the online reviews, experience, credibility, and service fee, below is the list of the six best air conditioning repair services near Minnesota. 

  • Centraire Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing
  • Standard Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.
  • Airic's heat and air conditioning 
  • Stafford home service 
  • Pronto heating and air conditioning 
  • Action heating and air conditioning 

These are the best HVAC companies in Eden Prairie, MN, and surrounding areas.