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When the temperatures drop in Edina, we all look forward to coming home to a warm, cozy home where we can kick back and relax. But what if your furnace is on the verge of a breakdown? Like many other appliances in your home, your furnace also needs service and maintenance. 

Most homeowners are not aware of the details of the furnace-like the age, the extent to which it has been in use, or how long a furnace lasts. Do you know why your furnace requires an emergency replacement or heater repair in Eden Prairie? Let us look at what you need to know about a furnace replacement.

How long does a gas furnace replacement take?

The time it takes to replace a furnace depends on several factors, including the technician’s skill, the dimensions of your house, and the type of furnace you desire, but it usually takes between 4 and 10 hours.

If you are an Eden Prairie resident replacing your furnace with a similar model, will take less time with proper alignment of ductwork. If you plan to replace your old furnace with a more energy-efficient model that is newer, the installation may take longer.

When looking for an installer, look for someone with experience who can assist you in choosing a furnace that will adapt well to your home. A gas furnace that lowers your energy bills and lasts for many years will likely take longer to install. Thus, look for the best furnace repair in Edina, so you can rely on skilled installers to minimize downtime and install your furnace as quickly as possible.

How long does a furnace typically last?

A gas furnace has a 15 to 20-year average life expectancy. It does not mean that a 15-year-old model should be thrown away. It does indicate the extent of service the furnace has left in it. It also gives a clear indication to homeowners whether to consider replacement or Furnace installation near me.

Check the manufacturer’s serial number if you do not know when your furnace needs maintenance or replacement service. The furnace’s serial number can be found on the inside of the furnace lid. So, take note of the number and contact Eden prairie heating services to obtain the manufacturing date.

If your furnace is close to reaching or has cleared the 15-year threshold and you have already spent a huge amount of money on repairs, it may be time to think about replacing it.

My furnace needs a replacement. What next?

If your furnace has been repaired and inspected again and still is not working correctly, it is time to replace it or consider upgrading to a newer version of the same model. 

If you need help to replacing your current furnace with the new one or upgrade your system, call the experts at Centraire, offering reliable heater repair contractors in Edina. Call us to schedule a service at (952) 900-7325. Our team will help you with the best HVAC-related services you need.