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The spirit of festive days will not be complete without decorations to adorn your home. Colorful decorations and lights make the holiday special. However, decorations aren’t only for happiness; they may potentially harm your air conditioner repair in Eden Prairie if utilized incorrectly.

Before you start decorating your house, consider the following advice to preserve your HVAC system:

The vent on your device is required to maintain optimum airflow. It must be opened so that air may flow freely through the ducting. If decorations obstruct the vent and register, the efficiency of your system may suffer, resulting in poor airflow and increased electricity expenses.

  1. Keep the outdoor unit away from any decorations.

While it may be tempting to decorate the entire yard in decorations, using your outdoor unit is not always the greatest choice. Try to choose a suitable location for the decorations that are not too close to your outdoor unit. Tiny decorations on trees may fall and enter your unit, hurting the system’s performance and efficiency.

  • Bring the joy outside.

Instead of decorating your home, make a beautiful area of your porch or front yard. If the weather is comfortable, you may spend the entire time there with your family. You don’t have to repeatedly open and lock your door. It unquestionably saves you electricity since the hot air is maintained in your home.

  • Keep the thermostat uncovered.

The more you conceal your thermostat, the more difficult it is for the gadget to detect the temperature in your house. While it may be tempting to cover the thermostat with decorations, doing so will only result in a colder home and greater power costs.

  • Keep candles away from your unit.

However, if you want to create a good mood using candles, you may end up damaging your HVAC system. Keep candles away from your unit, flammable items, and heat-producing equipment. As an alternative, utilize glow sticks, battery-operated candles, or flashlights.

  • Use decorative lighting that is safety-approved.

Decorative electrical lighting is an excellent addition to the decorations on your walls, fences, and front yard. It must be used with caution to avoid fire or electrical concerns, especially when positioned near your outdoor unit.

  • Plan a unit inspection. 

Professional HVAC services are one of the most underutilized options for holiday safety. Little faults caused by incorrect decoration placement might occasionally go undiscovered until the system unexpectedly fails in the middle of the holiday. Allow a competent HVAC technician to inspect your unit to ensure that it is in good working order.

Make sure you put the decorations correctly to avoid safety and comfort difficulties. Centraire wants to make sure you stay warm and cheerful while spending the holiday with your loved ones. Centraire is here to help you whether you need a new HVAC installed or an HVAC repair.

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