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Multiple situations always constitute an AC emergency. Emergency service is required if your air conditioner stops working and the forecast calls for daytime temperatures around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and overnight temperatures at or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When there is a loss of air conditioning and newborns, the elderly, or individuals who pose a health risk are inside; other situations may arise. These conditions necessitate an immediate call to emergency AC repair services near me.

  • Strange Smells:

    A burning odor emanating from your air conditioner is a sign of an electrical problem or a component that has been so overheated that it is burning. An emergency AC repair is a burning odor emanating from your air conditioning system. Call Air Conditioning services in Edina immediately in such situations. 

  • Strange Sounds:

    Your air conditioner is capable of producing scary sounds when it is malfunctioning. Different sounds indicate a variety of mechanical malfunctions. For example, hissing could indicate that your unit is leaking harmful refrigerant. Similarly, a loud screaming noise may indicate a severe condition. 
    Typically, this sound indicates a pressure buildup. If you hear hissing or screeching from your outside unit, turn it off immediately. Then, contact reputable AC specialists for prompt assistance.

  • Zero Airflow:

    If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be turning on or you don’t feel any airflow, this could suggest you have a problem with the cooling system. The source of the problem could be a poorly calibrated thermostat, a problem with the blower, or the air conditioner’s demise. 
    You should bring this matter to air conditioning services in Edina if the air conditioner isn’t producing air flow or if too hot air is blowing, especially if there is extreme weather, so we can ensure your family’s safety and comfort. In extreme temperatures, a malfunctioning air conditioner necessitates a 24-hour repair.

  • A.C. Will Not Activate:

    If your air conditioner stops running, you should first check the circuit breaker to rule out external electrical issues. Then, if you need to reset the circuit breaker, allow your air conditioning unit time to restore to room temperature. If it still won’t turn on after restarting your air conditioner, it’s time to call a specialist.

Here are The Methods for Preventing Air Conditioning Emergencies:

  • Changing Filters:

    Changing your air filters is required if you want your air conditioning unit, among other things, to pump clean air efficiently and not overheat. But, again, this is an essential step in AC maintenance that you can perform on your own, and it can make all the difference in the longevity of your unit. So make it a habit to inspect your unit’s filters regularly.

  • Regular maintenance:

    Like owning a car, it will treat you well if you care about your air conditioner. Thus, just as you frequently service your automobile, you should also regularly service your air conditioner (at the minimum, every year). Regular checks and maintenance will allow you to detect and solve any possible issues before they cause substantial damage or render your AC unit unrepairable.

  • Purifying the Unit:

    Maintaining your air conditioning unit’s cleanliness is crucial in ensuring its longevity. Not doing so may place the unit under undue stress, leading it to overheat and shut down.


Immediate attention and assistance are necessary if you are doubtful that an AC emergency has occurred. Contact Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning anytime you have an AC emergency, and we’ll be at your doorstep in just a few minutes.